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Fireproof & Theft Proof Safes

Your valuable items require a safe place to keep them stowed away. Nothing protects those items more than fireproof and theft proof safes from Joseph's Lock & Safe Company, Inc.
Safe Lock - Fire-Proof Safes

Theft & Fire

As a homeowner, you have a number of valuable items in your home, such as jewelry, passports, tax files, computer disks, silverware, the deed to your home, and more. You may think those treasures are protected while tucked in the lingerie drawer, hidden between mattresses, or stashed in the freezer. Unfortunately, thieves and burglars know these hiding places all too well.

Perhaps the things you want to protect, such as your insurance documents, wouldn't interest a thief. Though thieves commonly overlook these items, fires do not. In fact, nationwide statistics indicate that a fire strikes a home every 50 seconds.

Protecting Your Valuables

Don't lose the things dearest to you, whether financially or emotionally. Instead, achieve peace of mind knowing your items are protected properly with a fireproof or theft proof safe from our locksmith company.

Deciding on a Safe

Many people shy away from buying a safe because it seems too extravagant. While fireproof and theft proof safes are not inexpensive, by purchasing one, you avoid the high financial and emotional costs of replacing stolen or destroyed valuables. Many options are available starting as low as $250.00.
When deciding what kind of safe to purchase, consider what it is that you're protecting. If it's hard-to-replace items that only have value to you, such as paperwork or pictures, a fireproof safe will suffice. If it's cash, jewelry, or a gun—anything valuable that could easily be sold—you probably need a burglar resistant safe.


Our Rigging Department:

• Delivers Safes to Ground Level & Various Loading Dock Heights
(up to Maximum Weight of 4,500 Pounds)
• Removes Doors & Doorframes & Any Other Interior Obstructions
• Anchors Safes to Wooden or Concrete Floors with Modern
Fastening Techniques
• Receives Safes from Common Carriers & Stores Them in Our Warehouse
• Coordinates & Schedules Dates & Times to Expedite Delivery & Installation
• Sets Safes on Elevated Isolation Pucks (If Required by Burglar Alarm Company)
• Levels Safes to Ensure Proper Door Swing & Control
• Dispatches Qualified Technicians to Any Location

Contact us to install one of our fireproof or theft proof safes in your home or office.

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